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I 've seen a few sites that have pictures of Fiona Johnson. As I said before they don't ever really have more them 2 to 3 picture which is really pretty sad considering she has been in quite a few male health magazines.

I have got a few pictures myself but at this point in time my  scanner is fu#$ed up and now available to me, when I get a new one I'll put more of them up. Right now there is only about sixteen pictures. They have been put into two different groups, blonde pics and brown pics. (They grouped depending on hair color)

If you want the pictures feel free to take them I don't mind. The internet should be free and used anyway people want to use it!

For those interested in nude picture she Fiona Johnson has done some but because of server restriction they'll never be shown on this site!

The picture shown here are from two mans heath magazines Ralph and FHM.